Per Scholas has launched a new 360-degree corporate partnership strategy to support growing relationships with its largest employers, corporate funders and other key business stakeholders—both in New York City and to support our expansion nationally.

Working together, we can fashion an attractive package of benefits for your company while investing in our own capacity to deliver the highest quality training, career development, job placement and other services. Benefits include:

A team of skilled volunteers from Goldman Sachs led a recent workshop for students enrolled in the Per Scholas Institute of Technology.

Corporate Volunteer Engagement. We rely on hundreds of corporate volunteers to develop and reinforce the IT and soft skills that students learn in our classrooms. We can organize volunteer opportunities ranging from branded days of service to corporate site visits, classroom lectures, sustained mentoring and other direct student interactions.


A corporate volunteer from Goldman Sachs conducts a mock job interview with Brian Jiminez, a 2011 Per Scholas graduate. Brian now works at Neuberger Berman.


Skilled IT Employee Sourcing. Companies that source their new IT talent from Per Scholas can save thousands of dollars in employment agency fees, advertising, pre-employment screening, employee support/retention and other HR costs. Many can also promote their achievement of workforce diversity goals.

Strategic Recognition. We recognize our corporate partners at all our public events, in print and on the Internet. We work closely with each one to tell the story of their engagement in ways that align with their own communications and marketing goals.

Governance Opportunities. For our most committed corporate partners, there are opportunities to achieve many other powerful impacts on Per Scholas’ Board of Directors and newly formed CIO Council.

Per Scholas welcomes your company’s engagement.  We look forward to forging a mutually beneficial relationship that will help us generate IT training and job opportunities for more in need of them, while supporting your corporate social responsibility and other business goals.  Interested in learning more about becoming a partner?  Please contact Damien Howard, VP of Business Development at or contact him by phone at (718) 772-0631.