Damien Howard

Executive Vice President, Social Ventures

Damien is the Executive Vice President of Social Ventures. He has been with Per Scholas for more than 19 years helping to drive long-term growth and entrepreneurial initiatives. He is currently responsible for launching and scaling revenue-generating enterprises that fuel innovation and provide working capital to re-invest in Per Scholas’ offerings. He is also the creator of the national conversation series called Diverse by Design.

Damien is the creator of the national conversation series launched at Per Scholas called Diverse by Design. Damien is also responsible for launching and leading the highly sophisticated, customized training solution delivered by Per Scholas in New York, Dallas, Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, Charlotte, Denver and Boston. A large-scale, customized training effort which contracts with enterprise level companies to source, train and development dynamic talent.  He’s also responsible for launching customized training solutions with the City of White Plains and New Orleans.

Damien has a proven track record of strategically developing diverse talent pipelines, within major companies, by taking a thoughtful and consultative approach to implementing corporate customized training solutions. Since the launch of our Customized training solution in late 2017, Damien has been able to maximize revenue and tackle extremely complex business challenges which has led to stellar performance outcomes across the country.

While contributing to annual training and revenue growth goals, Damien provides executive leadership and oversight to his staff nationwide. In addition, he brings a wealth of experience around vision creation, management, business development, operations, program delivery and fiscal management. Prior to his current role, he led the Employer Engagement team in New York.

Damien attended Baruch College and is a graduate of the Columbia Business School Institute for Nonprofit Management.


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