Juaquan Herron

Director, Talent Solutions, Kansas City

Per Scholas Staff

Juaquan Herron is a strong community advocate with over a decade of expertise in marketing, outreach, and sales, complemented by firsthand experience in addressing the challenges faced by small businesses. He is deeply committed to helping businesses stay true to their DEI initiatives and providing community members with robust resources to overcome barriers. Juaquan’s background includes successful DEI Program Strategy, Compliance & Research, Social Impact expertise, and Community Health/Non-profit Program Management. He has also achieved success with 2923 Comics, which sold over 20,000 copies of its debut comic, “The Scarlet Knight: Defender of the Block,” aimed at helping underserved youth. Driven by his passion for empowering small businesses and fostering community growth, Juaquan is dedicated to creating accessible opportunities for small businesses to thrive. He has been a speaker at the SBDC tech venture class and a pitch mentor at Porter House KC, which helps small businesses with microgrants. Community is his passion.


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