ZuQuan Rooks

Sr. Director, Sales & Asset Recovery

ZuQuan’s job as Director, Business Solutions allows him to both help the environment and Per Scholas. Since 2010, ZuQuan has been in charge of acquiring technology from clients and donors through our Asset Recovery program. Per Scholas is able to save technology from the trash, by repurposing it for use in our classrooms or to support our organization. When asked why he works at Per Scholas, ZuQuan said, “I admire and appreciate the various Per Scholas team skills, efforts and cooperation, all working toward the common goal of building a community of self-empowerment and self-sufficiency.” His commitment to Per Scholas was the driving reason he led his team in sales revenue within the first year! Born in Tennessee, he now calls Brooklyn home. After hours he is a singer, songwriter, and photographer.


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