Kenneth Brady

Technical Instructor

As a young man I earned degrees in Biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Brandeis University, then worked in pharmaceutical research as an enzymologist developing inhibitors of caspase-1.  As a scientist I routinely wrote computer software to assist in the organization and analysis of laboratory data, and by the year 2000 I had become so fascinated with the computer languages that I switched fields to work as a software engineer.  I worked over the next 14 years developing a variety of front-end, back-end, web, and web-service applications, initially using C++ and then C# beginning in 2001.  My first C# program analyzed music in real-time using Fast Fourier Transform, displaying output as keys lighting up on a piano keyboard and as a list of MIDI events.

Music has been my life-long hobby.  I also used to compete as a springboard diver, and served for 5 years as a diving coach at Clark University and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.