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#AGoodJobChanged Renique’s Ambition

For Renique, #AGoodJobChanged her ability to provide the best possible future for her son.

After high school, Renique joined the Army National Guard. It taught her basic technical skills and helped her pay for college, where she began majoring in public relations. But she still had to make ends meet for herself and her young son, so she spent long hours working as a waitress.

It quickly became too much. “I was overwhelmed,” she recalls, “I wasn’t performing at the level I knew I could.” Renique was also determined to give her son a better start. She needed a good job now -- not years in the future.

Renique went back to the drawing board. Because of her National Guard training, she began considering a technology career. At about the same time, she learned about Per Scholas, which had recently opened in the National Capital Region. She was especially attracted to its new IT Security course -- one specifically designed for veterans.

“I knew I could learn quickly and that it was a golden opportunity,” she says.

At Per Scholas, Renique thrived. “I embraced the culture, the staff, my instructor, my classmates, and each day of lessons,” she recalls today. But the course was still very challenging, and she credits the staff for pulling her through. “Their dedication to the mission of Per Scholas was life-changing.”

After she graduated, Per Scholas asked Renique to apply for a position at Capital One, a leading supporter of its work. She was skeptical at first. But the day after filling out her application, she was called in for an interview. Two weeks later, she had the job.

Renique’s life is completely different today, and she credits Per Scholas. “Every student that graduates from Per Scholas will start the beginning of their own success story,” she says.  “I want them to know that this opportunity is worth every minute. It will be the best decision that they could make for their lives."

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