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Double your impact.

Per Scholas is proud to announce that Per Scholas Board of Directors will match every donation, dollar-for-dollar, that is made from now until January 8, 2017 11:59PM up to $50,000.

You've read their stories. You've seen what #ajobchanged for them. Our work means so much to so many people because they too understand what a good job is.

A good job isn’t just about getting a paycheck. It’s about having a sense of purpose and self-worth. It’s about joining others to achieve something bigger. And more than anything, it’s about the ability to reach for a better future.

A good job changes everything. You sleep better knowing there is some money in the bank. You have confidence in your abilities. You have hopes for the future.

Right now, many people across the country are overlooked. They do not have a job that meets basic human needs—and cannot afford to pay for lengthy schooling or high-cost training programs. These are the people Per Scholas serves. We exist to give people the chance to have a better future with a job that can and will change everything.

In the coming year, 1000 hardworking individuals will find Per Scholas and springboard to a new, well-paying and meaningful career. Together we have a tremendous impact. Yes, a job changes everything—and you’re the key to making it happen.

To read more about how #AJobChanged the lives of our ten other graduates, click here.

Kelly & Jeff Richardson Private

In honor of Priya Ramanathan's birthday :)

Stanley Kase $120

Amanda D'Annucci-Kean $35

Amy Landesman Private

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Steven Dawson $250

At request of Jacob McIntosh.

Kat Banakis and Matt White Private

Bob Carson $4000

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Annie Norbeck $35

Carl-Henry Labbees $35

Carl-Henry Labbees $35

Angie Kamath $120

A small donation in honor of our tremendously dedicated staff- GO TEAM!

Colin Edwards $100

John Walsh $20

A pleasure to contribute. Great cause. Thanks Tiernan

Maxwell Berry $120

Jessicah White $65

Jasmine Miller $100

Because I believe in the work that we do.

Joan Richardson $100

Sheryl Kurtis $150

Boris Goldshmit $500

Data Mastery Corporation in Honor of James Bach

Wayne Kunow Private

Janice Brimacombe $120

Valerie Monchi $120

Nisha Patel Private

Melissa Stallings Private

On behalf of the dedicated NCR staff and the Stallings Family

Stephen Walsh $35

Jennifer and Tony Pizi Private

Sara Neumann $65

Jean Hill $15000

Julian Lopez $250

Dedicating this on behalf of the greatest person I know - Linda Q. Lopez

Sarah Barrett Hoenle $120

Susannah Gillette Private

Edward C. Marschner $50

Priya Ramanathan Private

Sagar Bhatt $1000

William Price Private

Paul: wonderful endeavor. And you are the right person to lead this important cause. It will make a great impact.

Carl Salz $500

Carolyn P. Landis $100

Scott Landis Private

In Honor of Carolyn Landis

Jose F. Guerra $120

Mark Wiltshire $65

Nicole Onorato $15

Billi Godsey $65

Niamh Toher $40

Tiernan - from your bff Tom!

Alexander Goetze $125


Dan Fischer $25

Joseph Sikoscow Private

Brian Schermerhorn $120

Lawrence Stuart $120

Andrew Unterberger $20

Joanne Klein $150

Emalee Rodriguez $35

Tiernan Walsh $40

Eoin & Ronan - via Tiernan


Aaron's story is beyond inspiring. How do I ever complain about my part-time restaurant job.

Sarah Conte Private

Nsia Frenche $120

It starts with us as alumni's of Per Scholas.

Zee Maynard $50

David Anderson $500

Harold Bennett $120

Barbara P. Turner $50

Ryan Duhaney $120

Thank you teaching me a valuable technique and knowledge that changed my whole life.

Antoinette Cortese $35

Allison Berger $25

Sorley Mccaughey $65

this sounds like a much needed brilliant organisation. Tiernan, more power to you, never before have we needed people like you and organisations like this.

John Sherman $35

Beth Goldstein $35

This one's for you, Priya! Good luck with the work you do. You're amazing!!

Kate Donahue $970

Taylor Landis-Miller $10

Ryan Servais $100

From Ryan & Jinha Servais

Marjorie P. Lindblom Private

Al Private

Matthew Hoffman Private

Donation in honor of Charles Hoffman, a son of the Bronx.

Terry and Robert M. Edwards $75

Felicity Byrne $15

Tiernan is fab!

Naomi Wolf $10

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Morris Frasier $125

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Bob Wall $250

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Justin Kantor $35

Donna Hymel $65

MODA donation match on behalf of Ian Levine

Joseph Dzialo $250

Jeralyn Gerba Private

thanks for hipping me to this cool nonprofit!

Rachel Pohl $125

Lori Caliman $35

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve and work with some of the most amazing people EVER!

Julie Harkin $120

Bruce Wessel $65

Sheela Sant $65

Michelle Pullaro $250

Dindy and Michael Pawliger $65

Chris Dwyer $35

Toni Cunningham Private

Christine Pascarella $125

Marcia Kadanoff $65

Ashveer Hayer $100

John J. Fox $2500

Annie Papp $500

Devera and Michael Witkin $3000


Congrats to each graduate as they start their great career in Tech!!

Andrew Hennes $100

Angus McPhie $1000

Prosperian Wealth Private

Diane Rattien $35

Tiernan is the best!

Annie Bai $65

David Goodwin $250

Adrienne Citrin $35

Barbara Berry $250

Eamon Harkin $1000

Kathleen L. Purvis Private

This donation is made in honor of my son, Timothy K. Gloss, a graduate of Per Scholas.

Michele Beudert $65

Lance Herrington Private

Alexandra Jennings Private

So impressed with your work!

James Miao $10

Marylinn Schwanitz $120

Jenn and Jeff Cribbs $750

James Kenney $250

Lekha Menon $35

Ted Robinson $65

Anne Walsh $120

Your doing great work Per Scholas. AW

Eugene Shifrin $50

Gareth Mahon $35

Greg Canaras Private

Donation made C/O League Studio Architects

Rishi Arora $120

Kelly Keiser $35

For Lauren Moore. I am proud to call you my friend and colleague. Here's to many more years of "Thriving" together!

Nick Eng $35

De'Aisha Kaiser $40

I couldn't be more appreciative of what Per Scholas has done for me. I hope this helps pave the way for others.

Lauren Moore $35


Derek Press Lindblom $65

David Stouffer $35

Tiernan Walsh $65

HMB $250

Tony Glass $35

Damian Rivera $2500

Sam Pawliger Private

Rob Dotson $120

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Dave Matre $35

Carrie Fox $35

Ami Ariel $1800

Allison Roarty $35

This is honor of Priya Ramanathan

Ann Kennedy $120

Debra Conte $100

Wishing everyone at Per Scholas a Happy Holiday! Keep up the good work! (Love you, Sarah!)

Sean Daly $120

Niral and Anjali Shah Private

Mahesh Murali $65