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Aug 09, 2012

What is Working: Per Scholas Job Training

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I often receive e-mails from students thanking Per Scholas for the training program and updating me on how they are doing. I received one today that was particularly inspiring. This student shared with me that he had just landed a job earning $55,000 with benefits. Nic mentioned how long a journey...

Aug 07, 2012

The Internet Turns 21!


What would you do without the internet? Yesterday, August 6th, the World Wide Web celebrated its 21st birthday! The internet was invented by Tim Berners-Lee, who proposed the idea while working at the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Switzerland. Berners-Lee planned for the web to be a worldwide network...

Jul 26, 2012

What does a College Degree mean these Days?


I was paid a visit by a friend of my oldest son this past Saturday. It had been three years since I had seem him. He is now a college graduate with a degree in International Studies. We spent a bit of time together catching up. He spoke a great...

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