Thu, Nov 01, 2018

Tech Powered by Brothers: Albert Cream-Wright

Growing up in Sierra Leone, Albert knew he wanted to pursue a career in technology. He earned his associate’s degree in data processing in Ghana, and moved to Maryland with his then nine-year-old brother in 2016. He wanted to pursue his tech career so he could take care of his brother, but companies would not hire him unless he had credentials in the U.S.

When he found Per Scholas’ IT Security course, Albert had to find a way to support his brother while he completed his training. “It’s not like I had someone supporting me while I was in school,” Albert says. He found a job working with children with autism in the evenings to pay the bills, and still found time to study so he could earn two industry-recognized certifications. “It was challenging but I wanted it,” he says.

He found a job as a Technical Support Analyst for a marketing company, and was promoted to their Platform Operations team after three months. His promotion means that he can set his own schedule, which allows him to spend more time with his brother. “My brother is happy to see me finally doing the type of work I've always wanted to do.” Albert is also able to send money home to his family still living in Sierra Leone.

Across the National Capital Region, big brothers like Albert are looking for their next opportunity to elevate their families. Thanks to your contribution, Per Scholas will be ready for them.

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