Thu, Nov 01, 2018

Tech Powered by Dads: Deris Pennington

Deris Pennington finished second in his class in high school, but family obligations kept him from earning a degree. He worked steadily over the years, but as he looked to save enough for his family’s future, he knew he needed certifications to reach the next level in the tech field. A Per Scholas flyer at a job fair helped him to see a path forward.

“Juggling class every day with my family life was definitely a challenge.” Says Deris. “Between the kids doing sports, my youngest daughter taking ballet, and juggling all of their schedules with my wife, I had to be driven to get through Per Scholas.” He finished his IT Support course as valedictorian and earned an industry-recognized certification. He says he couldn't have done it without the support of his wife, Patrice.

After graduation, Deris found a job as a contractor working on an Internet Security team for an insurance group. It’s challenging work, and he says that the knowledge he gained at Per Scholas is helping him to expand his role on the team. He also has his sights set on the future. Deris is making plans to open a “Youth Tech Café”.

Across Cincinnati, dads like Deris are looking for their next opportunity to build toward the future for their families. Thanks to your contribution, Per Scholas will be ready for them.

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