Developing a Post-Pandemic Recovery Plan for New York City

There is no more important time for public institutions,  private companies, and nonprofits social enterprises such as ours to work together in developing recovery solutions.

For this reason, Per Scholas President & CEO, Plinio Ayala is an Advisor to the New York City Workforce Recovery Strategy Group — a group where Abe Mendez, our NY Managing Director, serves. This group of private sector and human services organization leaders have recently produced a strategic plan for New York City’s economic recovery with the first focus area being: Education & Training Ecosystem for the Displaced Workforce & Marginalized Communities.

COVID-19 has exposed deep inequities in our cities, in particular for black and brown communities that have been the hardest hit by this pandemic.

I am hopeful that public and private institutions will recognize how essential our role is in building a stronger and more equitable economy post-pandemic. — Plinio Ayala, Per Scholas President & CEO

That is why our recommendations start with the public, non profit, and private sectors investing in career and skills development for the long-term to help businesses and New Yorkers build a more resilient, nimble and modern economy. Much of this comes down to the critical role that Per Scholas and other similar organizations will play in this economic recovery.   Click the image above to see an Executive Summary of the NYC Workforce Recovery Plan.


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