Partnership Opportunities

Per Scholas offers many partnership opportunities designed to meet the evolving demands of employers across sectors and positively invest in local communities across the country.


Per Scholas offers a pipeline of entry- and mid-level talent trained for a variety of IT roles, and earning industry-recognized credentials, where applicable. Our graduates are:

  • Highly skilled, professional, and diverse
  • Trained on curricula responsive to market demands
  • Adept with both technical and professional skills to work effectively within today’s changing work environments

Why hire a Per Scholas Graduate

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30% employee turnover is reduced when hiring Per Scholas graduates

Customize Courses

Per Scholas offers Customized Training that delivers qualified candidates for employers seeking a direct talent pipeline customized to their unique hiring acquisition or upskilling needs. Advantages include: 

  • Significant savings over recruitment firms and in-house training
  • Access to a skilled workforce prepared to match your workplace culture 
  • White box classrooms and interview spaces branded for corporate clients

Learn how we partner with businesses to train and develop talent where it is needed most

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3-9 months time from handshake to hire


Per Scholas offers volunteer engagement opportunities for corporate and business partners. Opportunities include:

  • Branded days of service
  • Field trips and classroom lectures
  • Professional development and direct sustained mentoring

Individuals interested in helping to drive our impact are invited to join our national or local advisory boards and use their unique skills and expertise to guide national or local strategy, curriculum, and resources.

Get involved

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Per Scholas offers unique investment partnerships that support our work to bring free technical training to individuals of all backgrounds. Opportunities range from:

  • Sponsorships of graduations or special events
  • Multi-year grant partnerships
  • Financial (and in-kind) contributions
  • Corporate and/or Individual giving

Invest in Per Scholas

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True to our origin story, Per Scholas can process your company’s retired IT equipment in a secure and environmentally-compliant manner. Per Scholas minimizes data disposal risk while realizing the maximum residual cash value of your assets.

Learn more how we can support your electronic waste needs

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Barclays and Per Scholas

I realized that everything is run on some sort of technology. If I can do this for the next 30 years, there are so many areas that I can be actively working. Technology has so many opportunities for me.

Learn how we partnered with Barclays

Learn more about our partnerships

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Hire a graduate, customize a course, volunteer, or invest in Per Scholas. Get in touch with a team member and become a Per Scholas Partner.


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