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Computer Science learner


Get A Computer Science Job With No Degree

It turns out that needing a degree to succeed in tech is a myth, and training courses such as Per Scholas’s cost-free tech training can prepare individuals for computer science jobs without a degree. For so long, there has been a stereotypical emphasis on the necessity of a college degree, when in fact, individuals are able to launch a successful career without a degree, just like Per Scholas graduates have been doing for over 25 years.

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upskilling materials for training


The Importance of Upskilling and Reskilling

In a competitive job market with many shifting gears from The Great Resignation, there is more focus on employees to upskill and reskill in their industry to become greater experts in the field. When it comes to technology, Per Scholas not only trains our learners to become skilled technologists, but we also offer upskilling and reskilling opportunities that support our corporate partners with top-tier candidates for their organizations.

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