Jadah Stone

Per Scholas provided really amazing resources for people that might not have otherwise been able to have an opportunity like this.
Jadah Stone, Per Scholas graduate, at work

IT Support Specialist



Brooklyn, NY

IT Support

Jadah Stone was always interested in tech and, upon graduating high school, she was certain that she wanted to pursue a career in the tech field. However, she was not sure how to get started. “I had a broad idea of what IT was and I had a broad idea of what tech was,” Jadah said of herself at the time. “I knew that I wanted to do it, but I wasn’t really sure how to break into the field and how to really solidify myself academically. Per Scholas was instrumental in providing that structure and a clear path.”

When a Per Scholas representative spoke at Jadah’s summer youth program, Jadah knew that the program would be a perfect fit for her. The coursework was rigorous and time-consuming, but Jadah found it easy to adjust due to her passion for the material and her supportive instructors. “The instructors were great and helped me whenever I felt I was lacking motivation,” Jadah reflected on her experience at Per Scholas. “The workforce development courses were also really motivational in helping me stay on track because they gave me a way to envision what my life could be like after all the hard work paid off.” 

After graduating, Jadah landed an Application Support internship at Mitchell Martin, an opportunity she found through Per Scholas. The work was hard, but Jadah learned a great deal and ended up staying on for another round after the initial internship cycle ended. 

Currently, she is working as an IT Support Specialist at Casper alongside a few other Per Scholas alumni – a position she greatly enjoys. Jadah loves her work and plans to continue learning and growing within the tech field for the rest of her life. “I want to say thank you to Per Scholas for helping me to solidify the foundations of becoming a person who is able to be successful in the tech world,” Jadah said. “And thank you to Per Scholas for providing really amazing resources for people that might not have otherwise been able to have an opportunity like this.”


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