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Per Scholas New York Students and Alumni,

As we all band together to work through this challenging time, please use this page as a reference guide for supportive opportunities in the New York City community. All of the items here are publicly available resources, not offered by Per Scholas, that you may tap into if applicable. It is your responsibility to read the fine print and understand the various options.

We know that as Per Scholas students, you are dedicated to building skills, providing for your family and loved ones and establishing yourselves in fulfilling careers, and we’re dedicated to providing the support you need to facilitate your success during this time.

Internet Access

As you get comfortable with the remote learning and working environment, we wanted to make you aware of the Federal Communication Commission’s newly adopted Keep Americans Connected Pledge. Over 70 companies including the big four wireless carriers (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon) and internet service providers Comcast and Google Fiber have committed to maintaining service and waiving late fees for the next 60 days.

They are also opening additional free WiFi hotspots across the country. More information can be found on the FCC’s website.

Additionally Spectrum is offering opportunities for families to get free WiFi hotspots to help you stay connected.

Comcast has also released an update regarding free Xfinity hotspots and other changes to their policies to support Americans during this time.

If you could benefit from free mobile access, Mint Mobile is offering free unlimited high-speed data access through April 14th.

In addition, we have rapidly deployed technology to our students, including laptops, webcams and portable wifis. If you still do not feel that you have the technology or connection needed to be successful during this time, please reach out to [email protected].

NYC Housing: Rent, eviction and foreclosure support for NYC residents

For students who have concerns about their current housing circumstances and need support to consider opportunities to avoid eviction, foreclosure and other housing related concerns:

In addition, there are two hotlines available to students who have housing related questions. The first is Housing Court Answers and the second is the Met Council on Housing Tenants Rights Hotline.

Food Security

For students and alumni who are currently having difficulty accessing food and need support right now the Food Bank of NYC has an updated list of pantries and soup kitchens.

For students who are currently receiving SNAP benefits, the corporate expense tracking company is currently running a promotional campaign where you can receive a $50 reimbursement on purchases made using your SNAP card. Visit this link to learn more:

Supporting Your Neighbors

Mutual Aid NYC is a network of neighborhood nonprofits and everyday volunteers that are banding together to build localized, community support systems in neighborhoods across New York City. Members include parents, senior citizens, immigrants, people with disabilities and chronic illness, caregivers, care workers, organizers, advocates, coders, and anyone else who wants to get involved.

Individuals who want to help out their neighbors are welcome to volunteer their services, and the network also has a place to ask what you need, and share some ideas for what can be done to support you and your community. There is no ask that is too big or two small – the network aims to connect people who want to give, and assist those in need with accessing the help that is available.

Mental Health and Wellness

Weill Cornell Medicine Center for Human Rights has compiled a guide to free or low cost mental health resources available in New York City.

In addition, if you are experiencing increased anxiety or stress right now, there are a number of virtual supports available. In NYC, Thrive NYC has a variety of resources and crisis counseling available via their hotline or text functions. Crisis Textline is also providing crisis counseling.

Remote Work

Remote work and learning is challenging, here are links to two online resources that may be helpful to review and problem-solve some learn-from-home techniques:

New York Times: How to Work from Home

Psychology Today: How to Concentrate When You’re Working from Home

Per Scholas is here to support you through this difficult and trying time. Please reach out to our Student Experience team, our on-site Social Workers and Financial Coaches, with any questions or specific concerns. While we might not be able to support you directly, we will do our best to provide you with the information you need and to connect you with trusted resources.

Per Scholas staff have been working closely together to support this transition to remote work and learning and if you have any questions please reach out directly to [email protected].

With respect, appreciation, and care,

Abe Mendez

Managing Director, New York

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