Per Scholas EVP of Talent Solutions, Brittany Murrey, Interviewed by Forbes to Discuss How Per Scholas is Revolutionizing the Tech Industry

EVP of Talent Solutions, Brittany Murrey, was interviewed by Forbes to discuss the way Per Scholas is revolutionizing the tech industry by fostering economic equity through tech training and the promotion of skills-based hiring.

Murrey highlights the importance of skills-based hiring by focusing on candidates’ capabilities rather than traditional educational backgrounds. This approach not only broadens the talent pool but also enhances diversity within the tech industry. Per Scholas’ rigorous training programs, designed in collaboration with industry experts, ensure technologists are prepared to meet the specific needs of today’s tech landscape.

Companies prioritizing inclusive and proficient teams turn to Per Scholas for their expertise for developing top tech talent. As Murrey notes, “We are designing these programs in collaboration with industry experts to ensure our technologists are equipped with the skills that employers are looking for.”

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