Despite accounting for 47% of the total workforce, women make up only 26% of computer and math occupations today (U.S. DOL). Women of color are even more underrepresented, with African-American women filling only 3% computing jobs and Hispanic/Latina women only 2% (Natl Center for Women & Technology, 2014).

Recognizing the urgent need to engage larger numbers of women in IT careers, Per Scholas has committed to diversifying the tech-talent pipeline nationwide by training increasing numbers of women technologists from diverse backgrounds and helping them launch life-changing careers in IT.

Over the next three years, Per Scholas will inspire, train and support 1000 WOMEN IN TECH across its operations nationwide. This goal is building on important gains: more than 700 women have enrolled in its program since 2011, with more than three in four women graduating and obtaining entry-level IT jobs within a year with average starting salaries equal and sometimes higher than their male counterparts.

The Per Scholas approach encompasses integrated, free technology job training and career development services, paired with corporate partnerships that offer volunteers, board leaders, jobs, and advocacy to bridge the IT skills gap to economically displaced individuals who have the drive and aptitude to succeed in IT. Per Scholas graduates are prepared for entry and mid level employment in IT positions such as desktop support, help desk, system administration, software testing, and network engineering.


  • 700+ women have enrolled in Per Scholas since 2011
  • 35% Per Scholas students today are women, up from 20% in 2013
  • 80% Per Scholas graduates obtain jobs within a year
  • 90% Per Scholas women graduates are women of color

To get involved in mentoring, volunteering, or support our 1,000 Women in Tech Initiative, please contact us through our Partner Page or make a donation today.