Platform by Per Scholas is a newly launched line of customized training services, which puts the non-profit in direct partnership with technology employers. The collaborative model will design job-specific curricula to train students based on real-time hiring demands. Per Scholas brings in-depth expertise both training and coaching individuals towards successful careers in technology. New course offerings within Platform will support public/private ventures and expand training options to link candidates directly to careers in tech. This model will strengthen the local communities we serve and offers each business partner a reliable talent pipeline that is trained to their specifications. 

For over twenty years Per Scholas has bridged the gap between business need and community talent. The organization has pioneered an employer-facing model that leverages community networks and connects talent with available jobs and training resources to prepare them for the industry. 

"Per Scholas is a valuable business partner because of our ability to adapt quickly to industry and market demands" says Plinio Ayala, CEO and President of Per Scholas. "At the very core of this initiative is a renewed commitment to scaling our model using customized trainings as a viable revenue stream. This additional support will go directly back into the communities we serve while providing companies a new resource to local talent." 

Learn more by visiting the Platform by Per Scholas website, here