Pre-Training Income Policy

Per Scholas believes technology can create opportunities and is committed to ensuring learners are set up to succeed beyond the training program without any out-of-pocket tuition or material costs. For our training to remain cost-free and serve the communities our mission intends, enrolled learners must meet our pre-training income policy requirements, described below.

Applicant’s household income must fall below the campus-based Median Family Income as determined by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Household Income data is used to calculate our org-wide average learner household income and is anonymously shared with our philanthropic supporters, allowing us to continue to provide no-cost training. Household income is defined as the combined incomes of all people in your household or place of residence, and it should be interpreted as ‘money received regularly.’ Including salaries and wages, Unemployment, Social Security Disability or Social Security Income, or Child Support. This does not include savings or inheritance funds.

Per Scholas Campus

HUD 2022 Median Family Income (Any Size)





Greater Boston


North Carolina




Greater Cincinnati














Los Angeles


Kansas City




Metro DC (NCR)


Newark, NJ


New York












St. Louis


Some exceptions can be made at the discretion of campus leadership.

HUD does not report national (all of the U.S.) median family income estimates by household size in any respect. Hence, the numbers and percentages for national learners are based on the HUD national median income for all family sizes.

Accepted Documents As Proof of Income:

  • Few Pay Stubs (must show one month of income)
  • Unemployment printout
  • Social Security Disability or Social Security Income printout
  • Letter of Support from the individual who will be financially supporting you during training (if you have no other income source)
  • Letter of Self-Attestation (if you plan on supporting yourself and have no other income source)
  • Child Support Payments

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