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We Collaborate

with businesses to design industry- and job-specific courses based on employers' IT needs.

We Teach

technology skills training and professional development tailored to business' needs, to highly motivated students from overlooked talent pools.

We Match

talented graduates to employers, providing career support throughout the process.
Payment Increases


Increase in post-training income

Typical Per Scholas grads have a pre-training income of $7,000 and post-training income of $30,000 or often much more.

Nov 06, 2017

Per Scholas’ CodeBridge Training Partnership with General Assembly featured in Fast Company

For over two decades, Per Scholas has supported dedicated students on their journey to careers in tech, creating a pipeline of new, skilled talent. Some Per Scholas students have backgrounds in tech, while others are... READ MORE
Oct 25, 2017

Diverse by Design Hosts Fourth Convening at Google’s Global Headquarters

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 marked the fourth installment of the Diverse by Design conversation series at Google’s global headquarters in Mountain View, CA. Over 100 leaders representing organizations across the tech, finance and nonprofit sectors... READ MORE
Nov 06, 2017

Per Scholas Graduate and Career Advancement Director featured on American Graduate Day Broadcast

The traditional route to a successful career in America has typically been to earn a high school and college degree before settling into a good job. In today’s 21st century economy, students are finding more... READ MORE
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