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I used to doubt myself and my abilities. I kept my focus on my training and the image of the person I wanted to become, and I overcame it. Today, I am a full-stack developer and I encourage anyone trying to break into tech to consider Per Scholas

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Whether you are new to tech or a seasoned veteran, Per Scholas will help you remain competitive within today's most dynamic industry. Our curriculum combines hands-on technical learning with business professional skills development to help you adapt to today’s changing work environments. Additional professional development opportunities are available to all Per Scholas alumni up to two years following graduation to help you achieve your goals.

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No-cost training, no-cost exams and certifications

We collaborate with today's leading employers to design industry- and job-specific courses so that you match their hiring criteria.

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Our staff come with years of real-world training experience and are prepared to teach you today's most in-demand technology skills and professional development.

Direct access to employers

We match you in tech roles across industries and provide career support throughout your entire training experience.

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