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Discover how our graduates have transformed their lives through our no-cost technical training.

Per Scholas Graduate, Andre Yates, who is now a software developer

Andre Yates

Software Developer at Capgemini
Newark, NJ

Java Developer

As I was applying and going through interviews, there was a gap between where my college education brought me and where companies expected me to know things about the technology industry. Per Scholas taught me so much that I wasn’t able to learn in school.

Meet Andre Yates

Veronica Vergara, Per Scholas graduate, and her headshot.

Veronica Vergara

Technology Software Engineering Associate

End User Desktop Support

What I think makes up a well-rounded employee is both soft skills and technical skills, and I think Per Scholas has really developed a great way to round those out.

Meet Veronica Vergara

Christopher Rivera, Per Scholas Graduate headshot

Christopher Rivera

Help Desk Associate at Vinfen Corp
Boston, MA

IT Support

After Per Scholas, I was suddenly getting interviews because Per Scholas is well-known and reputable. It has been night and day in terms of the difference between before and after Per Scholas.

Meet Christopher Rivera

Per Scholas graduate headshot for Application Support Management

Angel Hursey

Web Developer

Application Support Management

Going through the training - it was vigorous and challenging. If I didn't have the support from the Per Scholas team and fellow learners, I would have probably given up.

Meet Angel Hursey

Per Scholas Graduate Jarred Gaines has a headshot for our website.

Jarred Gaines

Customer Support Analyst at IDBS
Boston, MA

AWS re-Start

Per Scholas gave me a restart in life and it allowed me to rebuild that confidence and enter a field where I can make a competitive income to sustain myself in Boston.

Meet Jarred Gaines

Shante Austin

Full Stack Software Engineer

Software Engineering

As a single parent, I wasn’t making enough money to afford to go to a coding boot camp. When I found Per Scholas, it challenged me, and though it wasn’t easy, it was worth it. I graduated debt-free and could be an example to my daughter.

Meet Shante Austin

Sadaf Haroon, Per Scholas Graduate Headshot

Sadaf Haroon

Software Engineer

Software Engineering

Per Scholas made it easier for me to learn and now I am an earning member of my family. What can be greater than that?

Meet Sadaf Haroon

Per Scholas Graduate Headshot for Sara Pena

Sara Peña

Software Developer

Software Engineering

You can teach someone how to code, but you cannot teach passion or drive, and that is what my Per Scholas colleagues and I have.

Meet Sara Peña

Per Scholas Graduate

LeClair Boone

NC Tech Paths Manager at Wilkes County Community College
Charlotte, NC

Java Developer

I am applying everything Per Scholas taught me. Coming in, I didn't have a blueprint or frame of reference for the industry - but I have that now.

Meet LeClair Boone

Per Scholas Alumni

Simon Ayim


Per Scholas is helping people from underserved neighborhoods and giving us this training for free! They never asked for anything back - only asked for us to put in the work.

Meet Simon Ayim

Rachel Powe, Per Scholas Graduate, Headhshot

Rachel Powe

Jr. Software Engineer at Capgemini
Atlanta, GA

Software Engineer

During my training at Per Scholas there was a ton of support, especially from the other women and other non-traditional learners that also had the same thoughts I had. They told me it’s not too late to go into doing what you really want to do.

Meet Rachel Powe

Per Scholas woman in tech headshot

Julie Meral

IT Support Specialist

IT Support

I am so thankful for Per Scholas, and for this country. If my story can encourage even one person, it is enough for me and I would feel happy.

Meet Julie Meral

Per Scholas Graduate, Tara Jacobs, headshot

Tara Jacobs

IT Service Desk Technician at Arrive Logistics
Austin, TX

CompTIA A+

I never really knew how to communicate professionally or sell myself in an interview, but with the management and development team at Per Scholas, I was able to build on my mindset, my character, and my technical skills. I am grateful for Per Scholas in many ways.

Meet Tara Jacobs

Kyle Gordon

Help Desk Associate

Network Support

Going to Per Scholas and being introduced to information technology is more than just getting something done or trying something new. It’s an investment in yourself.

Meet Kyle Gordon

ActivateIT Graduate headshot for Randy Cordova.

Randy Cordova

IT Service Desk Analyst at Centura Health
Denver, CO

IT Support

My whole cohort was so intelligent, and the teachers were great. I think this really changed my life.

Meet Randy Cordova

Akida Harris headshot

Akida Harris

Customer Engineer at NCR Corporation
Boston, MA

IT Support

Even though it was a little challenging, I overcame that and I was able to finish and graduate because of the instructors and learners that gave me a lot of encouragement.

Meet Akida Harris

Fabianna Rodriguez Mercado

Infrastructure Services Analyst

Network Support

Instead of being afraid of the tech world...there's a lot to learn, but I think there's a community of students, professors, and administration. And we all know why we are there.

Meet Fabianna Rodriguez Mercado

Per Scholas Graduate, Daler Bobodzhanov

Daler Bobodzhanov

Software Engineer at Capgemini
New York, NY

Software Engineering

When you understand this is an immersive course that is traditionally taught in 4 years, completed in 12 - 16 weeks, and put in the effort, you will be on the right path for your career.

Meet Daler Bobodzhanov

Per Scholas Java Developer Graduate Mira Winkel

Mira Winkel

Data Engineer at Slalom Build
Seattle, WA

Java Developer

It's huge knowing that I don't just have a beginner skill set. I have a very focused skill set that is highly in demand. Per Scholas gave me the base of my knowledge to go out and be successful.

Meet Mira Winkel

Per Scholas graduate headshot photo with trees in background

Henry Luong

IT Support Technician

IT Support

The teachers were super knowledgeable, very friendly, and helpful if you had any questions. I am so thankful for this opportunity to get my life back together.

Meet Henry Luong

Per Scholas graduate headshot of woman graduate

Stephanie Stevenson

Software Developer at Capgemini
Charlotte, NC

Java Developer

Per Scholas really set the pace; it was so rigorous and fast-paced that I can go right into this job and keep up.

Meet Stephanie Stevenson

Per Scholas Graduate

Adam Kwong

Senior Tech Support Associate at Infosys
San Francisco, CA

End User Computing

I found it hopeful to see such a wide array of people from everywhere and all backgrounds come together to improve themselves and learn the tech material.

Meet Adam Kwong

Matt Yamarino

Full-Stack Developer at Cognizant
Dallas, TX

Quality Engineering

I worked 12 hours straight nearly every day, weekends included, and missed out on the lives of my friends and family. Per Scholas helped me to discover both a career path and how to have a work-life balance so that I could spend time with my loved ones.

Meet Matt Yamarino

Per Scholas Graduate, Chris Potti, headshot

Chris Potti

Software Engineer at Capgemini
Atlanta, GA

Software Engineering

At a certain point as I looked into tech, I really started to get interested in software engineering and decided that was what I was going to do and that I was going to do whatever it took. Once I had that mindset, I looked at Per Scholas as more of an opportunity than a challenge.

Meet Chris Potti

Autumn Truong, Per Scholas graduate, in a sweater and professional attire.

Autumn Truong

Java Developer

I was able to connect with amazing individuals. All the learners were so talented and inspired me to do better myself. I learned a lot of things, and I feel like I was able to grow, not just professionally, but as a person.

Meet Autumn Truong

Per Scholas Graduate Headshot

Rachael Williams

IT Support

I don’t know any other course that does this; we were introduced into the world of IT with a network already in place.

Meet Rachael Williams

Jadah Stone, Per Scholas graduate, at work

Jadah Stone

IT Support Specialist at Casper
Brooklyn, NY

IT Support

Per Scholas provided really amazing resources for people that might not have otherwise been able to have an opportunity like this.

Meet Jadah Stone

Tom Lee, Per Scholas graduate headshot

Tom Lee

Jr. Developer at PNC

Java Developer

Everyone at Per Scholas, from administration to instructors and other learners - everyone was willing to help me and get me to the next stage. Everyone was so eager to help me.

Meet Tom Lee

Kemazee Cooper, Per Scholas Graduate

Kemazee Cooper

Support Technician Lead at Capgemini
Atlanta, GA

Network Support

Per Scholas prepared me for situations I may see in the field as we went through a lot of scenarios, workshops, and labs.

Meet Kemazee Cooper

Per Scholas Graduate

Omari Brown

Business Analyst and Developer at Capgemini
Atlanta, GA

Software Engineering

Per Scholas' training was the challenge that, at the end of the day, got me closer to my dreams.

Meet Omari Brown

Jennifer Rosas, Per Scholas Graduate headshot for tech training

Jennifer Rosas

Analyst at Capgemini
Columbus, OH

IT Support

Per Scholas is a great program. You come out either certified or with all the knowledge you could have possibly accrued. You have the foundation to be able to succeed. It works for everybody - it’s not something where you need to have a certain skill set before applying.

Meet Jennifer Rosas

Per Scholas graduate headshot

Lionel Youmbi

Junior Software Developer at Capgemini
Charlotte, NC

Java Developer

A Per Scholas learner gains all the requirements for an entry level position. As a graduate, they have what they need to start a career - they can keep growing and learning.

Meet Lionel Youmbi

portrait of Jordan

Jordan Wofford

Full Stack Software Engineer

Software Engineering

I used to doubt myself and my abilities. I kept my focus on my training and the image of the person I wanted to become, and I overcame it. Today, I am a full-stack developer and I encourage anyone trying to break into tech to consider Per Scholas

Meet Jordan Wofford

Monique Little

Monique Little

Lead Security Assessor

Network Support

If someone had told me that this was where I would be now, I would never have believed them. I have a completely different outlook on life. My future is something that I never thought it could be.

Meet Monique Little

Zobaria at podium

Zobaria Ashraf

Team Lead at TEKsystems
Baltimore, MD


Within a few months, I changed from a person with the least-desired skills to one of the most sought-after employees. I have become someone my kids can look up to.

Meet Zobaria Ashraf

Rory Jackson, Per Scholas Graduate

Rory Jackson

Infrastructure Tech Support at Infosys
Plano, TX

Network Support

I found it so helpful to have learners helping each other and to be able to chat with our instructor in an approachable manner. The training was so positive.

Meet Rory Jackson

Per Scholas Graduate

Jessica Wright

Help Desk Support II at CoServ
Detroit, MI

Network Support

With Per Scholas, I am now breaking generational curses and creating wealth for my family.

Meet Jessica Wright

Tammy Johnson

IT Support Engineer at Google
Columbus, Ohio

Per Scholas taught me the skills and discipline to build a true technology-focused career. Today I work at Google, which is the most amazing outcome I can imagine. And you can bet I’m teaching my two sons how to thrive!

Meet Tammy Johnson

Per Scholas graduate headshot

Ayana Dunlap

Support Technician at designDATA
National Capital Region

Network Support

Without the legwork that Per Scholas put in, I wouldn't have been able to get that position, so I’m super grateful.

Meet Ayana Dunlap

Rachel Sokol

Junior Technical Instructor, Cybersecurity at Per Scholas National Capital Region
Silver Spring, MD

It feels like I have a purpose. I have grown and changed so much. I tell people what I do, and they can’t believe me! They’re so impressed! I am proud to be one of the many individuals who are changing the face of tech.

Meet Rachel Sokol

Joovay Arias

Full Stack Software Engineer

Software Engineering

I peaked in my previous career and was ready for a change. I have always loved computer science but thought it was just for college kids out in California. But if you study hard, you can make it!

Meet Joovay Arias

David Jarvis

EPIC Deployment Lead

Network Support

When you are interviewing a Per Scholas graduate, you already have someone who is committed and prepared for the work world and responsible for their time and availability.

Meet David Jarvis

Per Scholas Graduate

Antwan Grant

Contractor at Capgemini
Atlanta, GA

Software Engineering

With my old skill set, no one would hire me. Since graduating from Per Scholas, I have had 5 people contact me for jobs right here in Atlanta.

Meet Antwan Grant

Per Scholas Graduate

Phillip Kinney

Coding Instructor at Generation USA
Charlotte, NC

Java Developer

Per Scholas gave me a lot of confidence. I know that I would not have qualified for the role that I have now, from a technical perspective, without Per Scholas.

Meet Phillip Kinney

headshot of Per Scholas graduate after receiving cost-free tech training

Angelica Dyson

Help Desk Representative at Mechdyne Corp

End User Desktop Support

My experience at Per Scholas definitely led me down the path I was looking to go down as far as my career is concerned.

Meet Angelica Dyson

Per Scholas graduate headshot

Olga Sannikov

Software Engineer at Capgemini
New York

Software Engineering

At Per Scholas, we have real experience creating projects and working as a team and career development training. In this field, you always work with a team, so you have to be able to respect and work with your team members, and also be able to help them.

Meet Olga Sannikov

per scholas student call to action

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