Tom Lee

Everyone at Per Scholas, from administration to instructors and other learners - everyone was willing to help me and get me to the next stage. Everyone was so eager to help me.
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Jr. Developer




Java Developer

Tom Lee was once an English Major that was juggling two bartending jobs prior to the pandemic, which prompted him to consider an alternate industry for work.  He acquired a career development coach that recommended he look into Per Scholas and applied for Pittsburgh’s inaugural Full-Stack Java Developer course.  


Facing different challenges throughout his training, Tom recognized that he needed to change his approach to learning if he wanted to be successful in his training.  “For me, it was a matter of being who I needed to be as a learner to make it through this program, but also accepting that I was becoming a programmer,” reflected Tom.  “I am grateful that I was able to challenge myself in that way.”  He mentioned that his instructors helped immensely in learning new material in a new industry.  Additionally, to help aid in his training and as part of Per Scholas’ desire to keep training cost-free, he received a loaner laptop to work off of and use. Changing career paths and industries, Tom believes Per Scholas’ helpful environment helped him succeed.  “Everyone at Per Scholas, from administration to instructors and other learners – everyone was willing to help me and get me to the next stage,” he mentioned.  “I appreciate the help everyone was so eager to give.”


Now, Tom works at PNC as a Jr. Developer and is working with an innovative team on an unreleased app.  He thinks back to his training at Per Scholas and noted that the material had fully prepared him for the work he is currently doing. With his new career in technology, he has had more time for himself as he isn’t working two bartending jobs and he is able to support himself financially for fun activities and hobbies.  

Kemazee Cooper, Per Scholas Graduate

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Per Scholas prepared me for situations I may see in the field as we went through a lot of scenarios, workshops, and labs.

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