Antwan Grant

With my old skill set, no one would hire me. Since graduating from Per Scholas, I have had 5 people contact me for jobs right here in Atlanta.
Per Scholas Graduate




Atlanta, GA

Software Engineering

Antwan served in the US Marine Corps after graduating from high school and obtained an Associate’s degree. She took a coding class in the early 2000s, which fueled her interest in IT. Antwan and her husband worked a variety of jobs, living in several different cities over the years and as time went on, Antwan found herself struggling to get work that she enjoyed in the fast-paced IT world.

In early 2020, Antwan was laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She decided it was time for a change and began researching bootcamps that would help catch her up in the field of technology. Antwan came across Per Scholas and was accepted into the program shortly after applying. “It was the most exciting time!” Antwan recalled. “The work was great. I didn’t quite grasp the front-end stuff in college, which was how I got stuck doing the back-end stuff, which I did not like but I knew how to do it and it paid the bill.  Being in the IT world for as long as I have been, you can get stuck.  Fast-forward 3 months and I have graduated from Per Scholas! I felt so accomplished with everything I was able to figure out – I know now that I can do this!”

Antwan found the coursework to be difficult and daunting, but she was motivated to continue by her instructors and her family who rooted for her throughout the process. She was then accepted as an intern at Capgemini before she had even graduated from Per Scholas and will shortly work there full-time.


Per Scholas Graduate

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Per Scholas gave me a lot of confidence. I know that I would not have qualified for the role that I have now, from a technical perspective, without Per Scholas.

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