Stephanie Stevenson

Per Scholas really set the pace; it was so rigorous and fast-paced that I can go right into this job and keep up.
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Software Developer



Charlotte, NC

Java Developer

Stephanie Stevenson is a Software Developer at Capgemini. She graduated from Per Scholas Charlotte’s Full-Stack Java Development course in 2020. Before Per Scholas, Stephanie worked as a sales and customer service representative, and as a paralegal. She was always interested in tech, describing herself as the “go-to person for tech issues” amongst her family and friends, but she did not know how to break into the field to pursue it as a career. Before coming across Per Scholas, Stephanie took a beginner Java course to try to start her transition into the tech world. Searching for further opportunities after that, she was intrigued by Per Scholas’s promise to upscale junior-level Java developers to an intermediate level. During the pandemic, Stephanie’s job as a paralegal suffered, so she decided to apply to Per Scholas. “It was an unexpected push into the direction I wanted to go anyway,” Stephanie said. 

She found her time at Per Scholas to be extremely rigorous and challenging, but very enjoyable and informative. She had great relationships with her classmates, teachers, and her career development coaches, who helped her find her job placement after graduating. “My classmates were a community of learners all reaching for the same goals,” Stephanie said. “We had a ‘no man left behind’ mentality; if you needed help with something, other students wouldn’t hesitate to help you out. My relationship with my teachers and career development coaches was very open, very responsive, and just great. Great at facilitating the end goal. During the job-search process, the career development coaches at Per Scholas were there 100% of the way. I scheduled mock interviews with them any time I needed.” 

Reflecting on her time at Per Scholas, Stephanie mentioned, “if you graduate from a Per Scholas boot camp, you have put in tons of work. We went from basics to the very advanced subject matter in a very short amount of time. The infrastructure is there that you can get the support you need to grasp the material and retain it. If you’ve graduated from the course, you have put in the work, and you are not afraid of hard work.”

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