Mira Winkel

It's huge knowing that I don't just have a beginner skill set. I have a very focused skill set that is highly in demand. Per Scholas gave me the base of my knowledge to go out and be successful.
Per Scholas Java Developer Graduate Mira Winkel

Data Engineer

Slalom Build


Seattle, WA

Java Developer

Mira is currently working as a Data Engineer after graduating from Per Scholas Seattle’s inaugural Java Developer training in 2021.  Mira worked in the restaurant industry as a wine sommelier for over twenty years and reached the top of her position when the pandemic hit. She realized that she needed to consider another career.  She decided to switch gears into technology and started a boot camp for web development, started her own business for website development for local companies, and still felt like there was more for her to do since there was a lack of consistent work.  After hearing about Per Scholas, Mira applied and started on her way to start a career in tech.  

Mira found that her colleagues and instructors were supportive, helpful, and eager throughout her training.  She would spend many hours outside of training, learning with others, and figuring out different problems they were all working on.  “We really worked together as learners very well to kind of support each other through the learning process, and I felt that that entire process made it really organic and made it feel like we were all kind of in it together,” Mira reflected. “I feel like the tools I have been given have helped me meet the mark in the tech industry.  I am beyond thankful for all of my training.”

Since starting her career, Mira has found that the possibilities are endless in tech and at the point she began her tech career, she is making the same as she did after 20 years in her last profession.  Mira feels like she has all this room to grow rather than feeling like she topped out in her career. “It’s huge knowing that I don’t just have a beginner skill set,” she mentioned. “I have a very focused skill set that is highly in demand. Per Scholas gave me the base of my knowledge to go out and be successful. Now I feel like in my position, not having a degree doesn’t matter and hasn’t held me back at all.”  In the future, Mira hopes to work towards a project management role where she can mentor others in the tech industry.  


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