LeClair Boone

I am applying everything Per Scholas taught me. Coming in, I didn't have a blueprint or frame of reference for the industry - but I have that now.
Per Scholas Graduate

NC Tech Paths Manager

Wilkes County Community College


Charlotte, NC

Java Developer

LeClair taught Spanish for 15 years before she did some self-exploration in the business world and began taking personality and aptitude tests to see about a career path. She mentioned that Software Engineer and Computer Programmer kept popping up in her results, so her IT role wheels began turning.  Once COVID-19 hit, LeClair did some research to get her feet wet in technology. 

After a short course at a community college, she was accepted into Per Scholas’ Java Developer course.  Between the developer roadmap and the career development curriculum, LeClair has noted that her entire experience at Per Scholas has been beneficial.  “Everything that Per Scholas taught me, I am applying in some form or fashion.  Coming in, I didn’t have a blueprint or frame of reference on the industry – but I have that now,” she mentioned.  Currently, LeClair is working for Wilkes Community College and starting her own business in curriculum consulting, thus welding her education background with her new tech skills. Noting how her past has now become part of her journey to her current tech career, LeClair said, “everything you do in life prepares you for what’s coming.  You just have to work hard and gain all of the skills that you need.  The right position will appear.”  

Veronica Vergara, Per Scholas graduate, and her headshot.

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What I think makes up a well-rounded employee is both soft skills and technical skills, and I think Per Scholas has really developed a great way to round those out.

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