Angelica Dyson

My experience at Per Scholas definitely led me down the path I was looking to go down as far as my career is concerned.
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Help Desk Representative

Mechdyne Corp



End User Desktop Support

Prior to finding Per Scholas, Angelica was in the final semester of earning her associate’s degree and had just been laid off from her job as a service advisor at a car dealership. While Angelica always had an interest in tech, she reports that she “couldn’t find a way into the field.” 

Angelica found Per Scholas while browsing Indeed for entry-level jobs in tech. Having just been laid off a few days prior, Angelica “felt it was a sign to start a new and promising career.” Angelica successfully enrolled at Per Scholas and began a full-time training schedule. She says her experience in training reminded her of college. “You have a professor but there will be times where you have to put in extra work outside of the classroom to master a topic,” Angelica says. She adds that the remote aspect only slightly affected her experience. “We were able to work through it and make the best out of it,” she says.

Angelica credits TEKsystems’ support with helping her cohort realize their goals. “TEKsystems staff supported more than I thought they would,” she says. “Everyone was extremely hands-on and helpful to assist in reaching whatever career goals you had in mind.”

In addition, Angelica cites the supportive atmosphere fostered by Per Scholas learners and staff as an important factor in ensuring success. “My favorite and most surprising part of the experience was how personable my instructors and classmates were,” she says. “They were always sharing information they had from experience and nobody ever made you feel like you were asking a stupid question.”

While Angelica found the post-training job search process daunting—many jobs required years of experience—the skills she gained during training were ultimately key in connecting her to a contract help desk position. “I think the most valuable lesson I learned was to never give up,” Angelica says. “Because this experience is new to me, there will be obstacles along the way and I should embrace that.” She adds that she is still constantly learning new skills and plans to continue to do so as she grows in her career. 

When asked whether her experience at Per Scholas changed her expectations for her career, Angelica says yes. “My experience at Per Scholas definitely led me down the path I was looking to go down as far as my career is concerned,” she says. “I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and my family.” Now, Angelica is a Help Desk Representative at Mechdyne Corp and looks forward to advancing in her tech career. 


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At Per Scholas, we have real experience creating projects and working as a team and career development training. In this field, you always work with a team, so you have to be able to respect and work with your team members, and also be able to help them.

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