Jordan Wofford

I used to doubt myself and my abilities. I kept my focus on my training and the image of the person I wanted to become, and I overcame it. Today, I am a full-stack developer and I encourage anyone trying to break into tech to consider Per Scholas
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Full Stack Software Engineer


Atlanta, GA

Software Engineering

In the name of Technology

For Jordan, family, and community play a huge role in his life. Giving back is just as important as pursuing his career interests. Still, at times it seemed like the two conflicted with one another. Jordan often helped his mother with her bills and medical expenses. As much as he loved his family, he was juggling his commitments to them and actively pursuing the tech career he’s always envisioned for himself. As the only male son, Jordan hoped to carry on the Wofford family name as a male figure others can look up to.

One day, Jordan stopped by WestSide Works in Atlanta to apply for a job. He noticed a Per Scholas Atlanta flyer advertising their no-cost software engineering course. What was supposed to be a lead towards earning a higher paying job ended up being the professional pivot Jordan needed to jumpstart his career as a web developer.

Programming Confidence

Pausing his life for 17 weeks to learn how to code was not an easy decision for Jordan as he was not earning an income during this time. “It was hard convincing my loved ones that unpaid training would be a good idea. The bills and living costs started to pile up, and it was exceedingly difficult to balance transportation costs and rent.” On top of the financial pressures he experienced, Jordan was also plagued with “Imposter Syndrome,” but overcame it by keeping his focus on his training and the image of the person he hoped to become. His dedication encouraged his family to support him even more.

After completing his training, Jordan was excited to go out and apply for available jobs in software development, software engineering, and for the first time, felt encouraged to put himself first. Because of his commitment to succeed and risks for his career, Jordan learned to believe in himself and his ambitions and became an inspiration for his family. He later moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area where he now works as a full-time software engineer for a corporate real estate firm. Whenever possible, Jordan promotes Per Scholas and its Dallas location to his network and the local community.

“Per Scholas gave me the courage to step out and trust myself, to become an inspiration for my family, and help my community.”

Monique Little

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If someone had told me that this was where I would be now, I would never have believed them. I have a completely different outlook on life. My future is something that I never thought it could be.

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