Jerome Keth

Security Operations Center Analyst

Per Scholas Board Headshot

Having been fortunate enough to complete the Per Scholas Cybersecurity Training May 2023, Jerome now serves as a Level 1 Security Operations Center Analyst of CyberConvoy. Since a young age, he has been driven to become the best version of himself, a motivation instilled by my family’s escape from the war and killing fields in Cambodia. Their stories of resistance and struggles have taught me the importance of perseverance and a “never quit” attitude.

Computers have always been a passion since I was a child. My father working in telecommunications meant we spent a lot of time building computers together, which led me to my first professional job after graduating in 2018. There, I honed my troubleshooting skills, ranging from simple password resets to full network installations and configurations (Ubiquiti). Initially, I aimed to become a Network Engineer, but when I discovered the gamified approach of the Cybersecurity field, I was hooked. I began studying Cybersecurity while at work until the pandemic hit, and I was laid off. This led me to fulfill my wife’s lifelong dream of teaching overseas in South Korea for two years while continuing my Cybersecurity studies. Eventually I was offered a full-time position teaching at her school and found another passion that I never knew had, teaching.

Upon returning from South Korea, I faced a choice between continuing my teaching career or pursuing my passion for Cybersecurity. I chose the latter and dedicated myself to self-study, earning several certifications, including CompTIA Security+ and AZ900. Currently I am a SOC Analyst for CyberConvoy and continue to learn and specialize in being a Threat Hunter. I aim to transition into a Penetration Testing role to fortify Purple Team dynamics with innovative strategies and tools. By achieving this, I’ll provide real-world attack simulations, impart knowledge through training, and ensure our organization remains ahead of emerging threats, elevating our security posture.

Today, I am blessed with a wonderful wife of three years, whom I have known since high school, and two furry sons, Dexter and Greyson.


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