Kenneth Walker

Executive Vice President, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Culture

Pronouns: He/Him

Ken practices a rhythm of work and rest, attending to his need to grow in all dimensions of being human: mind, body, and soul. Therefore, he encourages those in his sphere of influence to rest from work after 6 PM EST during the week. Then finally, on your weekend; dedicate both days to you, your family, and your tribe.

He describes himself as an ever-evolving dynamic, visionary, dreamer, and doer of the work, purposeful, mission work that he enthusiastically carries out at Per Scholas. He thrives on relationships with 21st leaders who are self-aware and embrace the VUCA mindset needed to thrive in today’s environment. He is a diversity and inclusion champion and Special Advisor to the CEO, helping to lead Per Scholas’ DEIB & Culture, Diverse by Design and Inclusion by Intention efforts.

Ken helped launch Diverse by Design (DxD) in partnership with ITSMF, the nation’s most prominent African American senior technology executives association. The DXD platform aims to discover and unleash a wealth of new ideas and best practices that companies can use today to increase tech workforce diversity and inclusion. Ken also launched Inclusion by Intention (IxI), an internal platform to discuss staff experiences relevant to equity and inclusion in the workplace and identify and seek improvements with “patient urgency.”

Finally, Ken is a technology sector veteran with 30+ years of sales, business development, and non-profit executive experience across the media and entertainment, government, and telecom sector. Ken spent three years in business development at start-up organizations in Silicon Valley after transitioning from an 18-year career at IBM as a Client Executive in the media sector. Ken’s transition to the non-profit sector has been incredibly fulfilling. Ken is a lover of life, positive energy, the simplicity of decency, and seeing others’ humanity. He lives in Manhattan with his spouse of 11 years.