Patrice Madu

Managing Director, Los Angeles

Patrice Madu Headshot

Patrice Madu is the Managing Director of Per Scholas Los Angeles, heading up the team responsible for developing and implementing strategies to advance greater equality through access to quality jobs and livable communities. Patrice began her community-based service career over 15 years ago, supporting and managing workforce and economic development programs. She brings a wealth of experience along with established partnerships in the community such as the City of Los Angeles, Mayor’s office, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, local council members, workforce boards, community-based organizations, schools and business leaders. Throughout the years she has worked with many vulnerable populations such as people who are disabled, returning citizens, those with limited English, single parents, and homelessness. She understands the struggles people face and knows if they are able to make livable wages we will all be better off as a thriving society with vibrant communities.


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