Sheldon Mundle

Managing Director, Technology Consulting
Ernst & Young LLP

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Sheldon Mundle, an Executive Technology Leader with more than 20 years of global work experience, has led strategic projects for firms ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations. Sheldon’s employment history includes providing business technology consulting services for IBM and KPMG. In addition, he has served as a CIO for three different firms in the telecom and industrial industries.

Sheldon is renowned for designing and directing business-aligned technology roadmaps to achieve specified objectives, such as business transformation, operational efficiency, and successful product delivery. 

Sheldon is currently a Managing Director in the Ernst & Young (EY) Technology Consulting Practice.  He has resided in Atlanta since 1996 and is a father of three teenagers.  Hobbies include traveling, playing chess and curating unique dining experiences. 


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