Terena Arnold

Associate, Recruitment & Admissions, Columbus

Per Scholas Staff Headshot

My name is Terena Arnold, and I am the newly hired Associate, Recruitment and Admissions for Per Scholas Columbus campus. I am excited about this new role specifically because I am a graduate of Per Scholas TWOC class, and I sincerely love how the organization supports educating learners in various areas of technology. I am the mother of one and my little one is my inspiration for expanding my knowledge in the tech space. My daughter is a natural “techy”. She loves math, science, and technology. All are subjects I would have skipped if given the option to do so when I was in school. I am an English, humanities, & psychology buff. However, I had to improve my technological skill set because had I not, my little one will pass me up by fifth grade. I am excited about this new endeavor and look forward to supporting other learners with a positive experience at Per Scholas.


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