Anthony, a native New Yorker, born and raised in Harlem always had a knack for technology.

“Per Scholas helped me get out of my bubble…I want to get myself out there.”

Anthony, a native New Yorker, born and raised in Harlem always had a knack for technology.

“I like computers because of connectivity,” he said. “I have friends from all over the world because of what computers can do.” Anthony self taught himself hardware configuration and how to repair computers when he was in high school. “I’ve built gaming computers for myself and friends,” he shared. Anthony was on track to graduate high school and attend college when he suffered a debilitating back injury. His injury was so severe that he had to relearn how to walk and was unable to graduate.

After months of rehabilitation, Anthony was determined to follow his dreams of working in the IT industry. He enrolled in Technical Career Institute College of Technology (TCI) and successfully graduated with his GED and Associate Degree in Computer Technology. Unfortunately, he also graduated with $27,000 worth of student debt. Once in the world of working adults, he realized that the skills he learned at TCI weren’t enough. He needed IT certifications and preparation for the workplace. That’s when he found Per Scholas. Anthony’s mother received an email through the New York City Housing Authority and he knew then and there that Per Scholas was for him.  

When walking into class the first time, Anthony assumed he’d be in a room full of young adults; he was mistaken. “I was the third youngest in my class,” he said. He spoke about helping his fellow students with a difficult textbook in the Per Scholas curriculum. He said, “I found other methods to learn the concepts and shared the information and study guides with the other students.” He also was one the first students to take his A+ exam and get certified in his class.

While at Per Scholas, Anthony was out of work and slowly running out of money. Between his high student loan payments and commuting to class, he was struggling. That’s when CSS stepped in. His classmate told him about the opportunity and soon after, he was granted a monthly MetroCard.

Without CSS, he would have fallen even deeper in debt, making it almost impossible to pay back.

Now, at Per Scholas, Anthony is receiving financial capability services to build his credit and get his credit back in good standing. “Per Scholas helped me get out of my bubble. I want to tell people about this place. I refer all of my friends,” he shared. Anthony learned a lot at Per Scholas; not only technical skills, but skills applicable to the workplace.

Anthony describes Per Scholas as the perfect place to start a career. “They’ll start straight from the beginning with you.” Anthony aims to start an internship after he graduates. “I learned how to communicate at Per Scholas. I was quiet and shy before. Now I want to get myself out there.”

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Per Scholas Joins the Military Spouse Employment Partnership through our Vets in Tech Initiative

Last year, Per Scholas joined the Defense Department Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program and Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) alongside more than 70 new partners to MSEP — bringing the number of employers to more than 700. MSEP connects military spouses with hundreds of partner employers who commit to recruiting, hiring, promoting and retaining military spouses. Per Scholas is proud to be part of the MSEP through our Vets in Tech initiative, which will enable Per Scholas to enroll at least 1,000 veterans and military spouses over 3 years.

Per Scholas Receives Approval from the Department of Defense Skillbridge Program Enabling Per Scholas to Empower Military Veterans and Spouses to Launch Thriving Careers in Tech

Per Scholas is excited to announce its approval by the Department of Defense Skillbridge program, which allows transitioning service members to pursue industry training, apprenticeships, or internships while retaining full salary and benefits during their last 180 days of service. This accelerated approval enables Per Scholas to empower veterans and military spouses through its IT Support training track initially, with plans to extend to other tracks soon. Per Scholas aims to enroll 1,000 veterans and military spouses over three years, comprised of at least 80% people of color and 20% women. This initiative, led by Per Scholas' Vets in Tech program, will provide critical support and unlock career opportunities for the military community.

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