Arnold Ventures Identifies Per Scholas as a Workforce Training Program that Delivers

Per Scholas was identified as a workforce training program that delivers in New York by Arnold Ventures, a philanthropy dedicated to tackling some of the most pressing problems in the United States.  Following research done by MDRC over seven years, Arnold Ventures noted that Per Scholas continues to show that those who were participating substantially out-earned their peers who were not – by 14 to 20% over the course of the study.

Amanda Moderson-Kox, Director of Evidence-Based Policy at Arnold Ventures, said, “Americans in every state deserve access to a proven-effective program like Per Scholas, which delivers results and enables workers to access jobs with a path to the middle class.”

Learners in a training program classroom

Per Scholas New York Managing Director Abe Mendez noted that such success can be scaled throughout the country as well, saying, “We have the model here in place. It works. We know it can scale.” It is with such results as shown in MDRC’s research that Per Scholas has been able to expand to 17 locations through 2021, with plans to add three more in 2022.

As a workforce training program that delivers results and connects our learners to thriving careers in the tech industry, Per Scholas is able to prepare our graduates for great opportunities.

Read the full article featuring Per Scholas here.


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