Corporate Partner Spotlight: Neuberger Berman

May 1st marked Per Scholas’ 4th Neuberger Berman (NB) field trip which exposed 23 lucky students to a world where corporate IT Managers to VPs shared a glimpse of how their IT environment functioned. NB’s “Celebration with Service” day started off at NB’s midtown Manhattan office by educating the lucky bunch on NB’s technology departments and by having two Per Scholas alumni working at the firm speak with a Q & A session about their time at NB and how it has since exposed and enhanced their IT career and skills. Thereafter our students were given one-on-one time with Managers and VP’s to share their own professional experiences and delve in more deeply into their corporate IT experience.

As the IT world around our students was quickly moving, next was the visit out to NB’s data center in Piscataway, NJ where multimillion dollar daily global transactions happen in real time through a super secure network matrix protecting accounts on and off shore. Per Scholas was greeted by multiple managers and VPs — as well as a Per Scholas alumna. Servon Lewis who was hired full-time after his training at Per Scholas through the company’s competitive internship program. Neuberger Berman created the internship exclusively available to Per Scholas graduates three years ago as part of its growing corporate partnership with Per Scholas. It’s produced numerous success stories, including Servon’s who will be speaking at the June 12 ROI Corporate Dinner.

After students heard from Servon and team, the students were given a rare peek, especially during a trading day, of the company’s 7500 Sq. Ft. data center space. Students learned how the center is powered, walked through a hot swap technical repair, and toured the live server rooms with the very individuals who created the infrastructure. Students were given something they will never forget and exposure that can’t be taught in a classroom. On the way back to the city, the energy of new found motivation and determination to have a successful IT career like the ones witnessed at Neuberger Berman was apparent in every student.

We gratefully thank Marci, Liz, Tony, Michael and Joe from Neuberger Berman for their continued support in helping our students succeed and dream for bigger and better careers in an ever-changing and growing IT industry.

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