Expanded Insights from the SIM Women Leadership Summit 2024: Shaping a Diverse Future in Leadership

The SIM Women Leadership Summit offered profound insights into the essential shifts required to cultivate a diverse and inclusive leadership landscape within the technology sector, and I had the privilege to present at this year’s event. This year’s discussions centered around the summit theme, “New Intersections Ahead!” and delved into the importance of adaptability, the non-linear nature of IT careers, philanthropic impacts on STEM, and the pivotal role of women in entrepreneurship. Here are my expanded takeaways incorporating these themes and how Per Scholas will actively continue to play a part in diversifying tech leadership:

Adaptability and Resilience in an AI-Enabled Workforce

One of the standout discussions was presented by Infotech, highlighting that adaptability and resilience are crucial skills in today’s AI-driven workforce. As AI technologies continue to reshape industries, the ability to adapt and pivot becomes vital for career longevity and effectiveness. This reality opens significant opportunities for organizations like Per Scholas, which prepares learners from diverse backgrounds for tech careers. These programs are not just about imparting technical skills but also fostering a mindset equipped to handle continuous technological disruptions and thrive in leadership positions. This approach is particularly beneficial for marginalized communities who are often underrepresented in tech, empowering them with the tools to succeed in a dynamic work environment. Additionally, there is a lack of ethics and rules when using AI – and they will come with time (especially given the ever-changing tech world). Technologists and leaders need to figure out the best ways AI can be utilized for their organizations and train their teams on how to use it correctly.

Embracing the Non-linear Career Paths of IT Leaders

It was acknowledged at the summit that few IT leaders have linear career paths; instead, their professional journeys are filled with twists and turns. This reality is even more pronounced for women, people of color, and those from various sexual orientations or appearances, who often face additional barriers and biases. Recognizing and valuing these diverse career trajectories can enrich leadership within tech organizations. Companies can better support and develop talents from all backgrounds when they recognize the non-linear paths in the tech industry, fostering a more inclusive and robust leadership pipeline.

A Call for Systemic Change in STEM

A powerful message from Lyda Hill Philanthropy emphasized that solving the world’s biggest problems requires every great mind at the table. This vision underscores the need for systemic changes to encourage more girls to see themselves as future STEM professionals. The summit discussed initiatives and educational programs designed to inspire young women and girls by exposing them to role models and career paths in STEM fields. Such efforts are crucial in shifting the cultural and social narratives that often deter women from pursuing science and technology careers.

The Role of Women in Entrepreneurship and Investment

A significant theme at the summit was the underrepresentation of women in entrepreneurship, particularly in venture-backed companies. Despite women founding less than 2% of these companies, there is a growing network of women-led venture capital and angel investors dedicated to changing this landscape. Additionally, with wealth increasingly shifting into women’s hands, their investment decisions are poised to have a profound impact on developing services and products tailored for women and girls. This shift not only represents a market opportunity but also a chance to influence societal norms and economic frameworks through female-led innovation. I was joined by Per Scholas Dallas Alumna Tara McDaniel to discuss the importance of women leadership in technology and entrepreneurship as a real-life example of what fostering an environment of inclusivity for women looks like and share her experience as a woman in tech. Tara highlighted the importance of women supporting women – a theme heard loud and clear throughout the summit. The community is ready to support through mentorship programs and deepening connections, a notion we can bring to Per Scholas with mentorship opportunities for our diverse cohorts. 


The SIM Women Leadership Summit brought to light the multifaceted challenges and opportunities in advancing diversity within tech leadership. From enhancing adaptability in an AI-infused market to supporting non-linear career paths, and from pushing for systemic changes in STEM education to empowering female entrepreneurs and investors, the discussions underscored a collective drive towards a more inclusive and equitable future. Each of these areas not only contributes to individual growth and organizational success but also plays a critical role in societal advancement as we are at an intersection of technology and women leadership, underscoring the profound impact of diversity and inclusion in shaping the future of technology and leadership.

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