Per Scholas is Leading the Way for Cybersecurity Apprenticeships; Featured in Skills-First for Cyber

As cyber risks increase, so does the need for skilled cyber talent. However, a critical talent shortage is leaving organizations scrambling for solutions. Employers and the government are exploring innovative recruitment and training methods to address this gap. One solution is Per Scholas’ new cybersecurity apprenticeship program registered with the U.S. Department of Labor. Through this program, we will train 40 apprentices by the end of the year, with a goal of training 5K cyber learners during the next five years.

“Apprenticeships are not internships,” says Alanna Hughes, senior vice president of strategy and innovation for Per Scholas. “Registered apprenticeships do not have to be bureaucratic nightmares just because they are more structured,” she says. “We make it easier on the employer to take advantage of the perks by managing the administrative pieces.”

Read more about the need for cyber talent and our new apprenticeship program here!

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