Student Spotlight: Kris’ Path to Per Scholas

Per Scholas has welcomed thousands of eager students through its doors for over two decades. Through rigorous technical training, professional development, and financial advising, Per Scholas has supported talented individuals, in often overlooked communities, to get them on the path to a career in technology. A good job can change everything and that is exactly what Kristopher Hall, 30, hopes to find after graduating from the IT Support course at Per Scholas.

Originally from Cleveland, OH, Kris has lived in New York for three years, but didn’t find out about Per Scholas until this year. Prior to attending Per Scholas, Kris worked as a personal trainer. When he began searching for a new job, a personality quiz, as part of a back-to-work program, helped Kris discover his true calling. “The first ten jobs that popped up all pertained to IT,” Kris recalls. “I remember as a kid, I liked IT. I liked technology. I liked gaming. So, I said, ‘Why not?’ and was referred to Per Scholas.”

There are many facets to technology and Kris admits that the idea of a career in this sector scared him. “Learning all this new stuff after learning all the stuff for personal training…I was kind of scared a little bit,” Kris says. But one thing about Per Scholas that he was prepared for was the zero-tolerance policy. This policy is put in place to hold students accountable for proper workplace attire and attendance. Many alumni are grateful to Per Scholas for instilling professionalism in them. Kris was not as worried about the zero-tolerance policy as other new students because he is a Navy veteran who is used to following codes of conduct.

Once Kris made it through the zero-tolerance period of his IT Support course, he became completely focused on passing his certification exams. When asked why he chose IT Support to begin with Kris explains, “I figured it was the best way to get my feet wet in tech. I don’t have a lot of experience with it. I figured it would be the best place for me to start, then branch out from there.” Kris is right. Per Scholas often recommends IT Support to anyone without a background in technology in order to build a sturdy foundation of tech knowledge.

Now, one week away from graduation, Kristopher Hall can tell you the ins and outs of networking and computing. He shares that he hopes to start working in tech right after graduating from Per Scholas, but he won’t be gone for long. “I do want to come back and take more courses and learn as much as I possibly can to expand my knowledge and make me more applicable to more employers.” IT Support graduates like Kris are always welcome to take more courses and alumni are given support services for up to two years post-graduation. Kristopher Hall took a detour from his personal training job to learn tech and is well on his way to an exciting new career in the technology industry.

To watch Kristopher’s full video interview, click here.

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