Tech Powered by Dads: Ricardo Alamilla

Ricardo moved to Texas from Mexico City, where he had earned his degree in electrical engineering. It was hard for him to find work in the U.S., but eventually he found that his skills transferred to automotive repair. He spent fifteen years working in shops and dealerships, but it felt like a dead end. “Either you have to know someone in management,” he says, “or you have to work for a shop for forty years to be promoted.” Ricardo and his wife wanted to provide more for Andrea, their four-year-old, so he decided to make a change.

After finding Per Scholas online, Ricardo saved up so he could take time off of work to complete the training. He is grateful for the support he received from family and friends. “The class was very hard. The hours of class were very difficult,” he says. “There were many people to help me out through this challenge.” With determination, Ricardo has earned two industry-recognized certifications through his Per Scholas training, and a third on his own.

Today, Ricardo works as a network analyst for a telecom company, and he is amazed how life has changed for his family. “Per Scholas has impacted my life. Now I am able to afford a private education for my daughter. I am at home more than when I was working as an automotive technician. I am more of a figure in the house. I have more time to invest in my family. More money to afford a healthy life.”

Across Dallas, dads like Ricardo are looking for their next opportunity to make a difference for their kids. Thanks to your donation, Per Scholas will be ready for them.

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