Tech Powered by Uncles: Aaron Mingo

The youngest of eleven children, Aaron grew up in a close family. After high school, he attended Ohio State University for two years, but because he couldn’t afford tuition. He took a job at a restaurant, where he worked for the next eleven years. He was frustrated with the hours, low pay, and lack of forward career progression. “My life was at the mercy of the restaurant,” Aaron recalls. He was missing out, since his family often wouldn’t him to events, assuming he was working.

“Tech was always something that interested me. But I thought that there was only one route into the industry, and that was college,” he says. He learned about Per Scholas through a friend and applied. Before long, with hard work, perseverance, and the strong support of his family, Aaron earned two industry-recognized certifications

Aaron has started a career as an IT Technician with a public school system where he sees tremendous possibility for growth. Most importantly, Aaron gets to enjoy time with his family. He laughs, “Now I can attend weddings, graduations, anniversaries. In fact, I have to remind people that they can send me an invitation!” He has even encouraged family members to apply to Per Scholas, including his nephew, a recent graduate. “My goal is to fill an entire Per Scholas class with my referrals.”

Across Cincinnati, uncles like Aaron are setting great examples for the next generation by embarking on technology careers. Thanks to your donation, Per Scholas will be ready for them.

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