Adam Wong

We weren’t just learning things to learn them, we were learning things to understand them and utilize them in a real life work environment.
Per Scholas graduate, Adam Wong

IT Support Specialist

Wells Fargo


Phoenix, AZ

End User Desktop Support

Adam Wong graduated from Arizona State University in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. He was looking to land his first post-college job when the pandemic hit, making job searching very difficult.

Adam decided to take the time to learn some new skills and explore topics that were of interest to him. This led Adam to IT – a long-time interest of his. Adam had never formally studied tech, but he used a lot of technology in his daily life, and had always stayed up to date with the latest developments in tech.

Adam was attending a career fair in his home city of Phoenix when he discovered Per Scholas. Adam liked liked the idea that he would be able to earn some certifications while completing the program. He applied for and was accepted into Per Scholas Phoenix’s End User Desktop Support course.

The course material was challenging but, having recently attended college, Adam didn’t find it too much of an adjustment. He really appreciates his instructors, who made sure that no one was left behind, and he attributes the skills he learned to the ways in which the instructors were able to explain concepts and engage with learners.

“Per Scholas definitely has great instructors,” Adam reflected. “For folks who are transitioning into IT and don’t have a background in those concepts, having a team of instructors who can explain things really well and answer any questions was great…There was such a wide range of people who came from many different walks of life, and our instructors were able to tailor their lessons so that everyone understood things and no one fell behind…We weren’t just learning things to learn them, we were learning things to understand them and utilize them in a real life work environment.”

Adam is also very thankful for Per Scholas’ professional development team, who helped him retool his resume, offered career coaching and financial guidance, and helped him prepare for job interviews.

Adam graduated in February and earned his CompTIA A+ certification. He would like to keep actively growing his skills, exploring the latest technologies, and moving to higher level IT positions. He appreciates the continued support that he receives from Per Scholas, even after graduating.

“Anyone who wants to jump into IT, definitely consider Per Scholas,” Adam says. “They really know what they’re doing. They understand how to teach people, and then after the course, connect those people with different recruiters and opportunities in the industry so they can go out there and utilize what they learned. I cannot recommend Per Scholas enough! After graduating, it opens so many doors, sometimes even doors you didn’t know where there.”

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