“Per Scholas gives me hope that we can tackle our country’s hardest problems.”

“Per Scholas gives me hope that we can tackle our country’s hardest problems.” – Chelsea Clinton

That’s what she said. Reflecting on her impression of meeting Per Scholas graduate Tiffany Lewin at the 2014 CGI America Summit, Chelsea gave her stamp of approval of the model and mission of Per Scholas.

Tiffany, a graduate from 2011 at the age of 19, is now a three-year veteran in the IT department at New York Presbyterian Hospital. She represented Per Scholas on a panel moderated by Chelsea Clinton and shared her experience as a young adult who bridged the opportunity gap through the job training provided by Per Scholas.

Beyond giving a voice to young adults in the U.S., Tiffany acted as another important role model: She was the first woman on the IT team at the hospital in 25 years.

“Through the free training at Per Scholas, Tiffany gained the knowledge, skills, and credentials to prove to an employer she had value. And Tiffany today is a role model, showing other girls and young women that everyone has a place in the tech industry,” Chelsea shared.

Tiffany represents thousands of people living across the U.S. who lack the access to a better opportunity or better education beyond what is made available to them by default of their zip code. The gap is especially alarming in technology where opportunity is endless, but the unequal access to these jobs is reflected in the workforce. Women make up only 26% of the tech workforce–and many argue that estimate is being generous. More unsettling, less than 5% are women of color.

The tech industry confesses: they need more diversity. It makes their products better, user experience better, their companies better.

We are on a mission to help fix this gap. Over the next three years, Per Scholas will inspire, train and support 1000 WOMEN IN TECH across the cities we serve nationally. Building on important gains: more than 700 women have enrolled in our training since 2011, with more than three in four women graduating and obtaining entry-level IT employment. The average starting salaries for our women graduates are equal to, and sometimes higher, than their male counterparts exceeding $30,000 base starting salaries.

Join the movement. You can support our shared commitment to diversify the tech industry and completely change the workforce by investing in someone like Tiffany. Donate and learn more.

As Chelsea Clinton expressed, “Per Scholas proves that we can create more high-performing professionals like Tiffany and that by doing so, a more diverse and competitive workforce that ultimately benefits all of us, and our shared future.”

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