Growing Women in Tech in NYC

Last Thursday I had the good fortune to spend my evening with some amazing entrepreneurs and talented IT professionals. And it was all women. Women in Tech is trending (it has its own hashtag) and is an increasingly bigger deal in NYC as the tech community continues to swell — which is exciting.

I attended the Coalition for Women in Tech Meetup at Control Group. Per Scholas is a founding member of the coalition, and as cliche as it sounds — I am psyched. Folks join the IT space often because the environments are fast paced and you have a chance to create something. With this Coalition, and all the energy and excitement that exists around supporting Women in Technology, it feels like Per Scholas will have a chance to help shape a small part of the broader agenda to help get more women into the IT field. Keeping true to our roots of helping those who are underserved and who would not get a foot into the IT world without our help will be our angle. I really think there is tremendous support, interest and appetite to make great things happen for the women we serve.

We are excited to be joining brilliant minds and leaders from NY Tech Meetup, Control Group, Girls Develop IT, AT&T, along with other champions like us — Girls Who Code, Hack n’ Jill,, NYTechWomen, Pipeline Fellowship, Plum Alley and Women Innovate Mobile.

More to come as this develops…

About NYTM

Founded in 2004 by founder Scott Heiferman and co-founded by Dawn Barber, the NY Tech Meetup has over 30,000 members, representing professionals from all parts of the New York technology community. NYTM centers around its monthly events, where members gather to watch emerging companies demo new ideas, hear leading-edge thinking on technology topics, and build their networks to develop their businesses. NYTM has been integral in the birth of New York’s new Silicon Alley, with nearly every notable new company, including Foursquare and Tumblr, making their debut at a NYTM demo. NYTM is a not-for-profit, community-led organization. Its Executive Director is Jessica Lawrence, President is Nate Westheimer and Chair of the Board is Andrew Rasiej.

About Control Group

Control Group helps organizations envision and build their long-term future. Through strategic consulting, user-centered design, and multi-discipline engineering, Control Group enables organizations to translate their brand into more meaningful and profitable connections with their stakeholders across digital and physical touch points. The firm was recently recognized for their interactive wayfinding kiosks for the New York City MTA, Fast Company’s “Most Ambitious In-Store Retail iPad Experience” for their work with Kate Spade, and one of Crain’s Best Places to Work in New York. Control Group’s clients include leaders in Civic, Real Estate Development, Hospitality, Healthcare, Finance, and Retail industries. For more information about Control Group and its services, go to

About Girl Develop It

Girl Develop It is an international organization, certified by the Board of Education, that exists to provide affordable and accessible programs to women who want to learn software development through mentorship and hands-on instruction. For more information about Girl Develop It, go to:

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