What We Do

We Collaborate

with businesses to design industry- and job-specific courses based on employers' IT needs.

We Teach

technology skills training and professional development tailored to business' needs, to highly motivated students from overlooked talent pools.

We Match

talented graduates to employers, providing career support throughout the process.
Payment Increases


Increase in post-training income

Typical Per Scholas grads have a pre-training income of $7,000 and post-training income of $30,000 or often much more.

Apr 08, 2016

A young veteran transitions his life to financial independence

"Money can't buy you everything. It can't make everything perfect, but it can definitely help." The first paycheck Joe received as an IT professional took him by surprise. “I was freaking out. I would joke... READ MORE
Mar 23, 2016

Determined to provide for her children, Sandra finds reinvention through Per Scholas

After 13 years at home with her children, Sandra Larson was amidst a divorce. Prior to staying at home with her children, Sandra worked as a dental assistant, but re-entering the dental field was impossible... READ MORE
Jun 28, 2016

IT Workforce Development Nonprofit Per Scholas Proven to Increase Earnings and Improve Overall Well-Being, Study Shows

Per Scholas' Effectiveness Proven in Independent Multi-Year WorkAdvance Research Study NEW YORK (June 28, 2016) – A new report shows that Per Scholas, a national IT workforce development organization, is producing positive and lasting impacts related... READ MORE
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