Hibo Hirsi

Junior Instructor, Columbus

Per Scholas Staff Headshot
Hi, My name is Hibo Hirsi and I’m a graduate of the TWOC program at Per Scholas. I take great pride in my continuous pursuit of personal and professional growth, constantly honing my core skills and staying updated with new and emerging technologies. As a proud first-generation American, I draw inspiration from my dedicated and hardworking parents. They have paved a path for me to embrace unfamiliar and sometimes isolating spaces. Now, I aim to build the same path for others. My previous experiences in STEAM, certifications, and accomplishments through science research have helped me navigate and explore my ambitions and possibilities to be a proactive member in my community and communities out of my reach. I strive to honor my responsibilities towards others and utilize my skills and knowledge to help others make informed decisions. I’m passionate about devising creative solutions that enhance functionality and provide fresh perspectives. I’m enthusiastic to not only demonstrate valuable contributions to the Per Scholas mission by meeting objectives and prioritizing guidelines but to also be dedicated to always finding a solution everyone can be proud of.


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