Akshata Bhat

Manager, Professional Development, Greater Cincinnati

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Experienced HR professional with over a decade of expertise in devising and executing hiring strategies across departments. Proven track record in efficiently meeting recruitment goals and addressing staffing needs through direct sourcing. Strong advocate for diversity and inclusion, consistently implementing strategies to cultivate diverse candidate pools and enhance workforce dynamics. Vast experience in spearheading headhunting, end-to-end recruitment, and orchestrating large-scale hiring initiatives, especially for startups. Proactively leads local employment efforts by engaging on social media platforms, fostering relationships with potential talent, and facilitating knowledge exchange within the industry. Demonstrated expertise in efficiently identifying high-caliber candidates for leadership and specialized niche positions, showcasing a deep understanding of the talent landscape. Expert in developing and executing employee referral schemes to attract top-tier candidates and enhance overall hire quality. Successfully placed over 6000 candidates with multiple industry experiences in Healthcare, BFSI, IT services, and Education.


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