Bobby Baca

Technical Instructor, Atlanta

Per Scholas Staff Headshot

I was born and raised in California and joined the Marines out of high school. I eventually spent 17 years in the military between the Marines and Army. I am married to the most AMAZING woman who truly is my soulmate and her name is Candi. I have been a scuba diving instructor. I am a Bachelor trained Registered Nurse which was not my choosing. I hold a Masters degree in Health Informatics. My passion has been tech since I was a kid. My first computer that I ever touched was a TRS-80 on which I played Dungeons of Dagorath. I have built all of my computers since 1998. My wife and I have two Norwegian Forest cats, Ben and Jake. (she named them before we got together). I love martial arts, its getting time to practice that is the challenge.


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