Fabianna Rodríguez-Mercado

Senior Vice President, CISO Cyber Security Services Business Manager / Chief of Staff

Fabianna Rodriguez-Mercado is the CISO Cyber Security Services (CSS) Business Manager / Chief of Staff, where she oversees CSS’s global headcount management, financial activity, and communications. Before joining Citi, Fabianna worked for Accenture as an I.T. Project & Project Management Senior Analyst and I.T. Support for Infrastructure Services of Accenture (I.S.A.), leveraging hybrid frameworks to manage projects across various market units.

Fabianna received her B.B.A. Cum Laude in Marketing from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico in 2014, graduated Valedictorian from Per Scholas’s Tech Support Program in February 2019, graduated from Fullstack Academy’s Cybersecurity Bootcamp in September 2019, and studied International Marketing Management in Brazil and Italy. She is a Co-Lead at Latinas in Tech in N.Y.C. She also serves on New York Advisory Board for Per Scholas. Currently, she is pursuing an M.B.A. in Technology from CUNY Baruch College.


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